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Shake-Up! the (work) Space

Get the most impact out of your meeting, conference or event.

Do you want to excite, engage and inspire participants in your events?

Many events fail to do this and lose the energy, focus and interest of participants.

Shake-Up! the (work)Space helps you deliver positive energy, engagement and an enriched learning experience.

How do we do this?

Positive Energy: In order to keep the participants alert and enthusiastic, we use creative and effective movement-based exercises (accessible to all levels).

Engagement: To integrate the day’s program, we design tailor-made energizers related to the topic.

Enriched Learning Experience: Through movement, we support the attendees in experiencing the presented material, to facilitate an even deeper learning.

ABN AMRO, De Baak, Dell, Forbo, KPMG and The Discovery Company have worked together with Shake-Up! the (work)Space to get the best out of their events.


Gemma Hopkins,Founder of Coccon en Design in Scent

"Pauline has a gift for inspiring, energising and connecting groups through movement. I was fortunate enough to experience her work during a women's conference day. Pauline's smile and energy were completely infectious. The movement broke down any awkward barriers in the group, got us flowing again after long periods of sitting down and left me feeling incredibly empowered. I couldn't recommend Pauline's movement sessions more highly - a necessary addition to any conference or event."

Dr Sarah Eagger UK , Consultant Psychiatrist at Point of Light Health Consultancy Co UK "Pauline is so great to work with! She has provided the movement aspect of several retreats I have run. So creative and in tune with the participants, her movement breaks are much more than stretches. Her slots are an integral part of the whole retreat experience, weaving creative expression, fun and a good physical workout! You never quite know what she is going to come up with but you know it will be spot on - which is all part of the experience of working with Pauline. SO talented!"

Tex Gunning, Former CEO of TNT

"The movement Shake–Up! the (work) Space brings to business leaders is long overdue. It helps people become conscious again about the importance of their physical bodies to be effective in their lives & work. If the body is fit and conscious the effectiveness of the total persona increases dramatically.

I strongly recommend that all organizations and training seminars explicitly develop a physical program that helps their people to realize the importance of physical energy, physical intelligence (gut feel), physical communication (body language) & physical confidence. Depending on the needs of your company, program, training, Keystone Success designs tailormade programs."

André Bolland, founder of Pluk de dag and The Discovery Company

"Pluk de dag empowers people living with cancer. Our programs are endorsed by all major patient organizations. Shake-Up! the (work) Space is literally a keystone to the success of our events. At Pluk de dag we welcome between 100 and 150 guests on a journey of discovery, with workshops and experiences to support dealing with illness and recovery. Shake-Up! the (work) Space closes the events with an energetic plenary session, positively moving people both physically and emotionally.

We measure the ratings of our participants, and Pauline van der Lee is always amongst the highest in score, never ranking below a 9 on a scale of 10. She is highly empathic and agile in dealing with the audience and always touches the right vibe. With The Discovery Company we empower people, teams and organizations for sustainable success. In Shake-Up! the (work) Space, we have found a capable partner who can help us to energize people, teams and organizations. "