Keystones 4 Vitality

Create your success. 

"Manage your energy. Invest in your vitality!" Pauline van der Lee

What is Keystones 4 Vitality?

Keystones 4 vitality is a 1.5 day training wherein you as a Person are the focus. Experiencing sustainable vitality starts and remains with taking your own responsibility for your health and well-being.

Personal leadership starts with yourself, developing resiliency, flexibility and stability.

Why Keystones 4 Vitality?

  • Are you feeling stressed and do you want to experience more relaxation? Then learn how you can become physically, mentally and emotionally fitter.
  • Are you experiencing (workplace) challenges? Prevent and reduce these stressors by raising your energy levels and becoming more resilient.
  • Would you like to live a more balanced life? Learn to live and work from your vast potential of vitality.

  • How does Keystones 4 Vitality work?

  • Through knowledge you become aware and that motivates you to do something about your vitality. This motivation is translated into a SMART action plan and then you implement your goals in your daily (work)life. This leads to results!
  • The training is based on a practical implementation of vitality. Behaviour changes by 'doing'.
  • 'Smart’ energy & stress management strategies ensure that you can quickly and more effectively recover from stressful periods.

  • Benefits of the Keystones 4 Vitality training

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