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What can Keystone Success mean for your vitality?

Keystone Success is focused on you! Our goal is to assist you in being optimally physically and mentally fit. It’s all about becoming resilient - being and staying vital. This creates a stable, flexible and energetic life, both personally and professionally. Who wouldn’t want this?

It starts with yourself!

Do you want to:

  • Quickly and effectively recover from pressure at work?
  • Have more peace of mind?
  • Recognize your energy drainers?
  • Develop ‘Smart’ stress management strategies?
  • Invest in your own vitality?
  • The focus of our programs is on social innovation, wherein ´the individual´ is central in the organization. Short sprints for long lasting results. Each step counts!

    We believe that optimum performance and support for yourself go together and are necessary for reaching and maintaining your success. Our solutions are directed at strengthening the person and the team. An increase in vitality, inspiration and connection are the end results.

    With the underlying foundations (Keystones) Keystone Success provides workshops, trainings, coaching and movement classes.


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    Our solutions

    Why MindFit?

    MindFit is unique! The combination of a 2.5 hour ‘live’ workshop and an online, ongoing mindfulness program ensures that you become and stay mentally fit.

    Physical fitness increases your body´s condition and strengthens your muscles but MindFit trains your mind.

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    Why Keystones 4 Vitality?

    It is a 1.5 day training wherein you as Individual stand central. Achieving and sustaining vitality starts with yourself. Personal leadership, resiliency, flexibility, and stability are developed.

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    Why Coaching?

    Coaching is directed at optimizing your professional and personal performance.

    Step for step we work towards your goal.

    During the sessions you will develop new insights such as: "Who am I, what are my roles and what do I want to acheive?"

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    Why Wake-Up! the Workplace?

    This workout connects personnel with each other, brings pleasure and new energy to start the day and remain energized throughout the day.

    Novices and top fit participants can both enjoy this workout. Movements can be adapted to individual needs. Everyone can participate!

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    "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading" - Lao Tzu