Create your success. 

Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Coaching is directed at optimizing personal and professional performance.

Some examples of themes are:

  • finding vision & intrinsic motivation
  • (personal) leadership qualities
  • developing resiliency
  • increasing focus
  • creating self-confidence
  • a positive attitude in communication (with yourself and others)
  • happier and increased engagement at work
  • Step for step we work towards your goal.

    During the sessions, you gain new insights into: "Who am I, what do I want to achieve, and what is my role?"

    When you are able to apply your vision, who you are and what you want in your daily life, then you become more creative, receive more appreciation and especially more pleasure in life!

    Personal development is an ongoing process - it is a work in progress. During the feedback/coaching sessions, your questions/concerns are looked at closely, solutions are found for problems, progress is monitored and needs are identified.

    Coaching has a direct influence on the team process because employees develop their personal leadership and self-management qualities. When they implement these improved qualities and skills, they will be ready to take more initiative, be more results oriented, and better team players. The whole company profits from this, not just the individual.

    On average 5-7 sessions are needed to see results and to reach goals. Depending upon the expectations/wishes from the coachee, some assignments can be given to do in between sessions.